Building The Tanglewood Trail One Brick At A Time

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

How can you "put your name" on the Tanglewood Trail Project? Leadership Greenville 46 has you covered...

Leadership Greenville and the Tanglewood Middle School Trail Project need your help! They are on the final push for fundraising and are literally building the trail one brick at a time. Please help them by purchasing your very own custom inscribed brick that will be laid at the beginning of the trail.

Bricks will sell for $100 for a 4×8-inch brick and $225 for an 8×8-inch brick.  All bricks will have space for two lines...and 18 characters per line. We are currently at $64,345 of our $80,000 goal. We are so close and every donation counts...PLEASE HELP US ON OUR FINAL PUSH!


The net proceeds from all brick sales will go to the construction of The Tanglewood Trail. The last day to order a brick is July 4th 2020.

See what it means to the students and staff

We encourage everyone to get involved in this amazing project that is going to unify the Tanglewood community. What better way to contribute than to put your name on the trail...literally.

Commemorate a special event in someone’s life, honor a friend or family member, or memorialize someone special. Local businesses can even get in on the action too!

(see above inspiration from Leadership Greenville 36 who did a similar project for the Swamp Rabbit Station)

Team 2 | Tanglewood Trail Project

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buy a brick now

Thank you again for your consideration and donation during these uncertain times. Together we all will get through this!

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